Friday, February 22, 2008

Business Checks vs. Personal Checks

Business checks are checks used by a business to pay for bills. The same way an individual uses a personal check to pay for their electricity, car payments, and food, a business uses checks to pay their creditors.

A business check looks slightly different then a personal check. A business check is normally larger then a personal check and can be printed on a printer. The check normally has the business name and address on it, and may at times have a contact phone number. The business check normally comes in a box and the checks are printed on laser paper. This paper can easily be placed into a printer and the information can be printed on to the check easily.

A personal check normally can fit in a small checkbook, and this checkbook can easily be carried in a purse or in a wallet. The check is accepted if the person handwrites the information onto the check right in front of a cashier or similar person. A business check must be typewritten or printed before another company will accept it as payment. Business checks also cost more than personal checks due to the higher volume of checks that a company may write compared to the amount of checks an individual will write. Both checks can be cashed the same way, and this is by signing the back of the check. Nowadays, most places such as currency exchanges won’t cash a personal check, but they will be more willing to cash a business check.

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